Prizes Painting and Trophys

Extra special thank you to The NAF, Willy Miniatures, and Rogues Gallery Productions for helping pull together the goodness that I am about to show.

Ken from
Rogues Gallery Productions has sponsored the prize painting for the event by finishing up the 1st (Gold), 2nd (Silver), and 3rd (Bronze) Place Tentacle Trophies, as well as the Sportsmanship (Willy’s Lewdgrip w/ Gold Tentacle) and Stunty (Nameless Goblin w/ Gold Tentacles). He also provided an amazing paint job to the NAF Trophy what will also be awarded to 1st prize.

This great swag package is even better with his expertise.
Rogues Gallery Productions is one of the most competitively priced painting services out there, so I recommend getting a quote .. you may be pleasantly surprised.