Pre-Season Action - Revenge of the Tickle-taur

The pre-season is well underway and what a great opportunity for new teams to work out some of the kinks before starting games that count.

Speaking of kinks, check out this dugout shot from last night’s match between Fox Force Five (Amazon) and Electric Skies (Chaos). The Minotaur (Tickle-taur) for Electric Skies had a rough first match, but he came back with a vengeance earning MVP honors and causing 2 Bunny casualties. In the end, the Bunnies managed a 1-1 tie against the Chaotic forces, but only 1 bunny remained ... in the corner of the board ... getting beat down as time expired.


Sponsorship - West Coast Quake Added!


I am pleased to announce that West Coast Quake, a premium tournament promotion will be sponsoring Season 1 by providing West Coast Quake Edition Range Rulers to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place coaches. This is a really cool range ruler as it incorporates the seismic waives of West Coast Quakes, combined with a throw-in template on its base.


For those looking for a good tournament in January 2013, checkout this link to the West Coast Quake web page.

West Coast Quake is also selling off its cool swag from earlier tournaments. This is a good opportunity to pick up some of these goodies below while supplies last!!

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Pasted Graphic 5Pasted Graphic 6

Pasted Graphic 3Pasted Graphic 4