Jun 2012

Sponsorship - Willy Miniatures Added!

I am pleased to announce that premium miniature maker Willy Miniatures will be sponsoring Season 1 by providing WM Football’s for each team coach. This is a nice compliment to the game and a great way to stay connected with the greater football community. Thanks Willy.

For those looking for some great miniatures, such as Willy’s Alternative Star Players or Undead/Necro Sculpts, checkout this link to Willy’s web page.

Willy Logo

Exhibition Night 2 - A Few Good Beastmen


Ouch. Mugu Mike unleashed some reverse-whoop-down as he used a Human team to completely injure or kill most of a standard Chaos team. After the first turn kill of the Chaos Minotaur, it was all down hill from there. By the half, the Chaos team had further lost all 3 Chaos Warriors. The Chaos team finished the game with only 3 Beastmen remaining. For an interesting rules note - if a kickoff would occur without at least 3 Chaos team members to be on the line of scrimmage, the Humans would have automatically won. The Beastmen narrowly escaped this one.

For the game, the Chaos Team was a converted GW Team with a aftermarket Minotaur. The Human Team was the stock GW Plastic Team that comes with the BB Boxed Set, with an old 2nd Edition Ogre.

Exhibition Night 1 - Khemri on the Loose


For exhibition night 1 - Bob’s brought this converted Khemri team to unleash havoc on the dwarven stone pitch. Playing against an orange and gold version of GW’s “The Grudgebearer’s” Dwarf team, the Khemri Tomb Kings, Blitz-Ra, and Throw-Ra marched down the field to certain victory, unless a late-game snafu left the Dwarves stealing the game at the very end. Fun game with Bob and look forward to playing again.