NAF Loves the Tentacle


When we reached out for some NAF love for The Golden Tentacle, we weren’t asking for much, and the NAF has come through in a big big way for the Everett Blood Bowl League’s first ever tournament (The Golden Tentacle).

First of all, the NAF website is (

For those of you who don’t know (or have forgotten), the NAF stands for the “Nuffle Amorical Football” association, which is a parody of the american football league the NFL. It is an international association that is dedicated to the table top game “Blood Bowl” by Games Workshop. They provide the organization, structure, and ranking’s system that enables coaches to connect internationally in the brotherhood of Blood Bowl. Until 2012, they produced an annual set of colored Block Dice for the game that came complimentary with a coach’s renewal of their membership. Over the years, the colors of Block Dice have became quite collectable.

NAF Support

Now that the history lesson is over, the EBBL would like to thank the NAF for its tournament support. In addition to NAF Sanctioning, the NAF has provided a NAF Trophy and six (count ‘em, six) sets of colored NAF Block Dice as prize support for the event. Each set is a different color, so here is the run down ...

pinkbb_dices_p Pink Block Dice (2004)

bb_dice_naf_yellow Yellow Block Dice (2008)

bb_dice_naf_red Red Block Dice (2009)

bb_dice_naf_bluebright2010 Light Blue Block Dice (2010)

bb_dice_naf_green_2011 Light Green Block Dice (2011)

images Chainmail Block Dice (2012)

In addition, the NAF supplied a NAF Trophy that will go to the winner of the event. Here is a sample picture of one painted for another tournament.


So we extend our greatest thanks and joy to Valdric and the other good people that make the NAF what it is and what it will be!!