Golden Tentacle 2017 Announced!

The Golden Tentacle returns on Saturday June 24, 2017 at Mugu Games Smokey Point Store!!

More details are coming, including when registration opens, prizes etc.


They’re not literally his children. They’re the Little Lewdbowski Nurgle Achievers – Stunty teams of promise without the necessary means for a - necessary means for a higher placement. So Mr. Lewdbowski is committed to sending some of them to the Wizard’s College

Prizes Painting and Trophys

Extra special thank you to The NAF, Willy Miniatures, and Rogues Gallery Productions for helping pull together the goodness that I am about to show.

Ken from
Rogues Gallery Productions has sponsored the prize painting for the event by finishing up the 1st (Gold), 2nd (Silver), and 3rd (Bronze) Place Tentacle Trophies, as well as the Sportsmanship (Willy’s Lewdgrip w/ Gold Tentacle) and Stunty (Nameless Goblin w/ Gold Tentacles). He also provided an amazing paint job to the NAF Trophy what will also be awarded to 1st prize.

This great swag package is even better with his expertise.
Rogues Gallery Productions is one of the most competitively priced painting services out there, so I recommend getting a quote .. you may be pleasantly surprised.




Combine Day 1

Hot action at today's EBBL Combine at Mugu Games.

Highlights include a Kroxigore from the "Amphibious Bastards" (Lizardmen Team) that ran a 4.38 40-yard dash. He is listed at 8'2", but is really more like 7'9". The scouts were in love with his potential, though it looked like he was saving himself for later.

Another stand out was the Ever-Rott Nurgle's Beast of Nurgle, who had a solid performance despite several character and motivation issues.

From a coach perspective, we had a good mix of returning coaches, as well as some new coaches with high potential. Was also great to see a fellow from Rat City make the trek up from Redmond to mix in for a match.

The next Combine (Demo / League Prep / Tourney Prep) day is on Sunday March 9 at Noon. Look forward to seeing you guys there!



Willy Miniatures Sponsorship!

Logo_Willy_by_Sergus - copia-1

Our favorite miniature company, Willy Miniatures, has stepped up to the plate to sponsor The Golden Tentacle 2014. For those of you not familiar with the company, Willy Miniatures out of Spain distributes an attractive multi-race line of fantasy football miniatures. Many consider their Chaos and Halfling teams to be the top standard in the world, with their other teams and star players being well-received. You can check out more at their website (

Willy Miniatures has sponsored The Golden Tentacle 2014 by providing approx. $70 US Dollars worth of miniatures to the event. This follows a history of partnering with the Everett Blood Bowl League that started in 2012 when Willy Miniatures provided branded “W” footballs to every coach during the season.

Here is a listing of miniatures that Willy has sponsored as prize support. Keep in mind, that the actual ones are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Chaos Dice 2D6

Dados mosaico 3 1800

Norse Wearbear

REF 0092

Imperial Poggy (Halfling)

Poggy Star  halfling mosaico FINAL

Dwarf with Chainsaw

ref 0064


ref 0045

Skeleton w Dagger

ref 0084

NAF Loves the Tentacle


When we reached out for some NAF love for The Golden Tentacle, we weren’t asking for much, and the NAF has come through in a big big way for the Everett Blood Bowl League’s first ever tournament (The Golden Tentacle).

First of all, the NAF website is (

For those of you who don’t know (or have forgotten), the NAF stands for the “Nuffle Amorical Football” association, which is a parody of the american football league the NFL. It is an international association that is dedicated to the table top game “Blood Bowl” by Games Workshop. They provide the organization, structure, and ranking’s system that enables coaches to connect internationally in the brotherhood of Blood Bowl. Until 2012, they produced an annual set of colored Block Dice for the game that came complimentary with a coach’s renewal of their membership. Over the years, the colors of Block Dice have became quite collectable.

NAF Support

Now that the history lesson is over, the EBBL would like to thank the NAF for its tournament support. In addition to NAF Sanctioning, the NAF has provided a NAF Trophy and six (count ‘em, six) sets of colored NAF Block Dice as prize support for the event. Each set is a different color, so here is the run down ...

pinkbb_dices_p Pink Block Dice (2004)

bb_dice_naf_yellow Yellow Block Dice (2008)

bb_dice_naf_red Red Block Dice (2009)

bb_dice_naf_bluebright2010 Light Blue Block Dice (2010)

bb_dice_naf_green_2011 Light Green Block Dice (2011)

images Chainmail Block Dice (2012)

In addition, the NAF supplied a NAF Trophy that will go to the winner of the event. Here is a sample picture of one painted for another tournament.


So we extend our greatest thanks and joy to Valdric and the other good people that make the NAF what it is and what it will be!!