40mm Fields Used by League

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The Willy Miniatures Pitch was released during the holidays in 2013. While originally released as a 29mm downloadable field, the good folks at Willy enabled the EBBL to obtain a 40mm version for printing This is as elegant as it is brutal. Like everything else Willy Miniatures does, this field is purely epic.
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The EBBL Pitch was the first pitch commissioned by the EBBL as a free-to-download 40mm pitch. Click on the field to learn more, see printing tips, and be taken to he download page.
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The Dwarf Pitch was the second free-to-download 40mm pitch. It features a dwarven pub so that the Runners can just head right in for a brew. Click on the field to learn more, see printing tips, and be taken to the download page.
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The Halfling Pitch was the third free-to-download 40mm pitch from the EBBL. It is a rich and fantastic piece of fan fiction in honor and parody of the greatest halfing saga of all time. The download page for this will be available soon.
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The Mugu Games field is a thing of pure beauty. For all of Mugu's support of the EBBL, the EBBL commissioned Fantasy Fields to create a field worthy of our favorite game store. The result is a cousin to the Warpstone Sewer field with a little taste of Mugu branding. This is a roll-up style 40mm field that is available for use at Mugu Games.
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The Orclahoma Bowl 2013-2014 pitch is a 40mm version of the field produced by Fantasy Fields for the tournament hosted by the Both Down Podcast crew. It is in 8 sections of "puzzle" pieces that fit together to create a really nice playing surface.
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Really nice hard-board 40mm pitch from the Rat City Rumble league in the Seattle area. This is created by Fantasy Fields.
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The Love Arena is a 40mm roll-up pitch created by Sanabeso in Spain. It is the home field of the EBBL Season 1Fox Force Five Amazon team.
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The Navy Bowl Pirate Ship is a 40mm roll-up pitch created by Sanabeso in Spain.
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The Coliseum is a 40mm field that was part of the Star Bowl Indiegogo Campaign. This is also by Fantasy Fields.
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Star Bowl Field that was an Indiegogo Exclusive. This is a Fantasy Fields field as well.
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Custom printed pitch created from fan work on the internet.

29mm Fields Available for Use

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The standard to which all other fields are judged. This is the core box pitch.
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The West Coast Quake field is standard size and created in the same folding-hard-board manner as the Box Game.
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The Mushroom Kingdom is a Mario-inspired pitch created by Sanabeso in Spain. This is a 29mm roll-up field.
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Roll-up field by Fantasy Fields in Australia. This is the 29mm of the Mashagain Warvarines Orc Team.
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Roll-up field by Sanabeso in Spain. This is a 29mm home field of the Buckeye Bunnies.