Everything You Need for 40mm Gaming

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An epic Blood Bowl match requires an equally epic pitch to play it on ... thus 40mm gaming is here!
Founded by the Thunderbowl gaming club in Vancouver, B.C., the play of Blood Bowl on pitches with larger 40mm squares is still uncommon or frankly rare world wide. While the people that have heard of 40mm are quick to dismiss it as something that only Western Canadians partake in, Thunderbowl's influence has spread throughout the Pacific Northwest, USA, and continues to gain momentum every year.

Though elements of 40mm play are discussed from time to time on various forums, players usually need someone to show them the in's-and-out's of 40mm play to become hooked. Everyone else has had difficulty finding a one-stop-resource to learn all about 40mm gaming.

Through this page, the EBBL seeks to fill the resources gap for those seeking to upgrade their matches with the rules, guidance, and free-to-download fields that are ready to print. Enjoy and pay it forward!
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