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      Welcome to Fantasy Football - Everett Style

      The Everett Blood Bowl League (EBBL) was formed in 2012 as gaming league devoted on Blood Bowl, fantasy sports tabletop game published by Games Workshop. To those unfamiliar with the game, Blood Bowl is a Lord of the Rings Style table-top miniature game where fantasy races such as Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and Vampires compete in a sporting match similar to American Football.
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      Welcome to the Everett Blood Bowl League! This is a league devoted to the table-top fantasy miniature game called "Blood Bowl" produced by Games Workshop.

      Seven seasons of play have concluded, with Amazons, Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Lizards, Norse, and now Khemri taking first place in each. Now on to the 8th season, where some new blood may come along to be spilled on the pitch.

      Games are hosted at Mugu Games in Everett, Washington. They can be reached at (www.mugugames.com). Players are encouraged to bring their own materials to play; however, there is a game-set there with all the components needed to play. Mugu Games also features a custom 40mm Mugu Games' Warpstone Sewer Pitch from Fantasy Fields.
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      2017 Season 8
      Coaches Meeting - Sunday July 9, 1pm, AFK Tavern Everett
      Pre-Season Tournament - Saturday August 5 - Commissioner's House
      E-Mail Contact: Commissioner (at) Everett-BBL.org

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      Congrats to Keggie McKill for winning The Golden Tentacle 2017!

      The Golden Tentacle - Saturday June 24, 2017 @ Mugu Games Smokey Point Store
      Click on picture above for more details!

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      ** New ** Free Download-and-Print EBBL 40mm Pitch *** Coming Soon ***


      Great painting available from Rogues Gallery Productions:

      The artist behind Rogues Gallery Productions has been painting miniatures since 1993 and doing so professionally since 2007. He offers quality painting services at reasonable prices and quick turn around times. In addition to Blood Bowl, he has experience in painting multiple game systems ranging from small scale historical to large scale non-gaming models and centerpieces. Contact him today via facebook at www.facebook.com/RoguesMinis or via eMail at RoguesMinis@gmail.com, for a price quote on your project.

      Click on -
      Pictures of Rogues Gallery Productions Work - for pictures of League Prize Lizardmen for Season 2, as well as other work he has done for members of the league!

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