Willy Miniatures Sponsorship!

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Our favorite miniature company, Willy Miniatures, has stepped up to the plate to sponsor The Golden Tentacle 2014. For those of you not familiar with the company, Willy Miniatures out of Spain distributes an attractive multi-race line of fantasy football miniatures. Many consider their Chaos and Halfling teams to be the top standard in the world, with their other teams and star players being well-received. You can check out more at their website (http://willy-miniatures.blogspot.com/).

Willy Miniatures has sponsored The Golden Tentacle 2014 by providing approx. $70 US Dollars worth of miniatures to the event. This follows a history of partnering with the Everett Blood Bowl League that started in 2012 when Willy Miniatures provided branded “W” footballs to every coach during the season.

Here is a listing of miniatures that Willy has sponsored as prize support. Keep in mind, that the actual ones are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Chaos Dice 2D6

Dados mosaico 3 1800

Norse Wearbear

REF 0092

Imperial Poggy (Halfling)

Poggy Star  halfling mosaico FINAL

Dwarf with Chainsaw

ref 0064


ref 0045

Skeleton w Dagger

ref 0084